Setting up Windows Mobile Device to Access eduroam

This page provides instructions for HKUST Staff & Students to set up Windows Mobile devices to connect to eduroam.

The screenshots were taken from a Dell AXIM-X51v handheld device.

Depending on the models of the handheld devices, the settings may be different. Please refer to the manual of your handheld device accordingly.

Configure eduroam

Step 1: Turn on wireless network

  1. The user must make sure the wireless network is enabled before doing configurations.

Step 2: Configure eduroam settings

  1. Configure wireless network

  2. Configure wireless network (General tab)

    At the General tab:

  3. Configure wireless network (Network Key tab)

    At the Network Key tab:

  4. Configure wireless network (802.1X tab)

    At the 802.1X tab:

You are done with the configurations of eduroam!

Access eduroam

Step 1: Connect to eduroam

  1. Click on eduroam and choose Connect

Step 2: Logon to eduroam

  1. The handheld device is trying to connect to eduroam. In the User Logon window:
  2. Click OK to close the window.

Step 3: Check the connection status

  1. You have completed the logon procedure. The status of eduroam now changes to Connected

Congratulations! You have connected to eduroam!