What is eduroam?

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community that provides the eduroam user experience: open your laptop and be online. Being part of eduroam allows users to access a wireless network at a visited institution (also connected to eduroam) simply using the same credentials (for instance, username and password) the users would use if they were at their home institution.

wireless networks (WiFi) in the eduroam project used standardized network identifier (called SSID) eduroam .

Where to connect?

In building the signal coverage of all floors. A cover as well as other areas.

Rules of connection

To configure the network computers to eduroam VOŠIS DHCP service is used, which assigns IP addresses to clients from the range private addresses. Communication outside the local network is on the firewall VOŠIS translated to the public address brad.sks.cz. When using eduroam is need to comply with the principles of networking VOŠIS and is also expected that, undesirable traffic a firewall filtering.

Roaming policy

Relations between organizations cooperating in the eduroam project, the rights and obligations of users and network administrators of organizations are defined in the document roaming policy .

Questions, comments:eduroam@sks.cz

Eduroam name and logo are registered trademark of  TERENA.

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